Principal or secondary residence, why purchase from MGM?

When you invest in an MGM complex, your guarantees extend far beyond the simple guarantees  attached to new build properties. Guarantees which also cover the build quality and the quality of the facilities, illustrating our values and committing all our employees and which have earned the trust of thousands of purchasers and are your principal assurance of satisfaction. What are these guarantees?

Pourquoi acheter sa résidence principale ou secondaire chez MGM ?

50 years’ experience of building luxury apartment complexes in the Alps

And with it a knowledge of the location and a unique building expertise which make up the MGM brand.

Côté lac



These high-end developments are on the banks of Lake Annecy, and soon those of Lake du Bourget blend perfectly into their neighbourhood, with well-considered landscaping and interior design to match new lifestyles.


Annecy- Lac
Annecy- Jardin Cardinal
Annecy- Jardin Cardinal

Details of our “Lakeside” developments


Côté montagne



These luxury résidences de tourisme, classified 4 or 5 stars and all RT 2012 certified are, in total harmony with the landscape and are designed for your comfort with:

  • unique ambiances created by our interior designers
  • high-end facilities and fittings

  • common areas which are far from common: from the spa to the recreation area, from the lounge bar to the sitting room with fireplace.


Alpen Lodge - Suites
Alpen Lodge - Chambre
Alpen Lodge - Piscine

Details of our résidences de tourisme


A sense of service which unites all of our employees

And through that, a skill in providing support and hospitality which make us stand out from the crowd.

Invested alongside those who invest, MGM Constructeur’s teams will support you throughout the purchase process, from reservation all the way to handover. Completing your loan application, preparing for the visit to the notary’s office and monitoring the construction work, whatever questions or needs you may have, our client advisors are here to help you. You can look at your client space at any time to find information about all aspects of your purchase and advice to guide you in your choices and to help you through the various stages.

Committed to your satisfaction, MGM Hôtels & Résidences’ teams work together every day on matters ranging from rental management to creating bespoke facilities, from personalised hospitality to package holidays – no effort is spared in ensuring that every holiday in the mountains is unforgettable.



A culture of quality which imbues and drives us to give our best

It applies equally in our offices and construction sites, to our employees and partners in pursuit of a single end: your satisfaction.

It can be seen in the choice of locations and materials. In the interior decoration and landscaping, in the skill and diligence of our teams, in the availability and responsiveness of our partners. It is our brand, our key value and opens the finest perspectives for you …



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