At MGM, who does what in terms of architecture?

While it is a requirement to engage an architect to design any building with a floor area greater than 150m2, calling in an interior designer and/or a landscape architect is a free choice. Nevertheless, their involvement enables the living comfort and value of the whole development to be maximised. Working with these two specific and complementary professions, whilst not a requirement, remains strongly recommended.

The architect’s role

As soon as the floor area of the building to be designed exceeds 150m2, it must be designed by an architect. Consisting of plans and documents, their task is to establish the position of the buildings, their composition, the organisation and expression of their volume, as well as the choice of materials and colours. In some cases, their role may extend to the choice of site, arranging funding, administrative tasks, organising tenders, monitoring construction and accepting the finished construction.

In this way, they bring to the whole development its appearance and originality, aesthetically speaking, while ensuring its feasibility, solidity, its integration into its surroundings and complete compliance with the technical, thermic and environmental construction standards in force.

At MGM, architecture is a skilful blend of experience, boldness, originality and respect for the landscape to provide you with apartment complexes which are both contemporary and in perfect harmony with their surroundings.


Architecte - Anitéa - Valmorel
Architecture - Chamonix - Appartement C19


Icône Prise de parole


«A new development is conceived and considered as an overall concept. I have now been working with the MGM group for nearly 30 years. Whilst traditional dwellings are still favoured in the shape of chalets with carved balconies and lower walls in stone, the lines themselves must evolve over time while retaining the MGM identity. Drawing up the specification to comply with planning constraints, conceiving the new complex, the layout of the apartments within the building, their typology, layout, fixtures and fittings, recreational and wellness areas…  the architect is to building what a composer is to music. A spirit in movement, as much in their inspiration as their transcription».



The interior designer’s role

The interior designer’s task involves the layout and decoration of the interior with three objectives: aesthetic, comfort and functionality. It is a continuation of the architect’s work which personalises the interior. The interior designer considers the volumes and the tonalities, the materials and furnishings while taking the building’s technical constraints and the client’s budget into consideration.

They differ from the interior decorator in their broader skill set which enables them work on the building and its structure. As the conduit between the owner and the craftspersons, up to date with technical matters and trends, they are able to manage the whole job, saving precious time for their client. Their involvement can be a real bonus in terms of optimising space and making the best of the ambiance, in new builds and in renovations.

At MGM, résidences de tourisme, all classified either 4 or 5 stars, cannot be conceived without an interior designer, fully familiar with the classification standards and criteria.


Architecte intérieur - Matières
Architecte intérieur - Chambre - Résidence Alexane
Architecture intérieur - Croquis - Les Suites d'Alexane



Icône Prise de parole


«Decoration should not be for its own sake, but to tell a story. To do this, you have to sketch … a lot! Unravel the thread of the story through ambiances, creations, styles. The interior designer to MGM must be sensitive to the surroundings in which the development is being brought to life, be it an apartment building, an hotel or a chalet. Lakeside or mountainside, the ambiance must be in harmony with the landscape, the view and location’s story. They express a vision for everyone and fashion interiors which respect nature, our finest setting for life».



The role of the landscape architect

The landscape architect’s role is to lay out the outdoor space and to harmonise the building with its surroundings, thus continuing the task of the architect. From terracing to creating walkways, from laying flower gardens to planting trees singly or in clumps, from building green roofs to green walls, from installing outdoor furnishings to setting up a trough or fountain, their skills are reflected in the design of the space, the choice of styles, fittings and materials, bringing the whole project to fruition and maintaining it over time.

Working within technical, environmental and regulatory constraints as well as those of the seasons and the different altitudes, their work combines an overall vision with attention to detail.

In the same way as the interior designer, they make a significant contribution to the value of the finished development, through the originality and beauty of the approach, parks and private gardens.

Whether it’s in the town or the mountains, the landscape architect is not an optional extra at MGM. They are indispensable. Better, clearly, for creating an outstanding living space which reflects the landscape in which you are going to live.



Architecte Paysagiste
Architecte Paysagiste
Architectur Paysagiste


Icône Prise de parole


«We contractors and consultants are sort of Sherpas to MGM’s mountaineering team. A team of mountaineers which never stops and which leads us through vary varied terrains». My role as a landscape architect is to work in harmony with nature following her tune and demands and respecting her beauty. From initial sketches to the end result, we move forward in concert with MGM. Once the idea has formed, it evolves towards an illustrated and quantified preview of the project. The project is examined before being started». The landscaping is the green lung of our developments and our Jardin Olga project in Annecy is the most recent example. Land Art to match the architecture ».




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