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What is a site visit? How to visit the construction site?

When you purchase a new build apartment off plan (or VEFA – for future completion), you cannot turn up on site whenever you feel like it to follow progress of the construction work. Construction sites are strictly out of bounds to the general public, for obvious reasons of safety, out of consideration for those working there and to avoid theft and damage.  

However, you may visit accompanied by your consultant at any time to suit your priorities and to answer any queries. Among the most useful visits to the site is that known as «partition walls ». This can take place between 6 and 9 months before the handover of the apartment and takes place in a its bare state (without door or window frames, coverings or fittings) and allows you to check the positioning of the partition walls, the surface areas of the rooms, ceiling heights and position of doors and windows against the original plan.  

GOOD TO KNOW. At MGM, photographs and documents showing the completed stages and the progress of the construction work are regularly posted in your client area.   


Once our apartment has been reserved, who will be our point of contact throughout the purchase?

The client advisor who worked with you on the reservation will remain your dedicated point of contact throughout the purchase process.


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