Co-ownership complex manager: what is their role?

When you purchase a new property in co-ownership format, you share ownership and use of the common parts with the other co-owners. What does this mean? That everything related to life in the co-ownership complex (from internal regulation to the maintenance of the common parts and including taking out insurance and providing funds for work) must be decided together … Yes, but how?

Decisions are taken by vote at general meetings overseen by the co-ownership complex manager.


Syndic de copropriété : le pourquoi du comment

A co-ownership complex manager, why?

The co-ownership complex manager is the legal representative of the co-owners’ association. Their role is to ensure that the common parts of the complex and its equipment are maintained in good working order, to look after the financial and administrative management of the complex. They are assisted in this task by the complex’s management committee: a group of co-owners elected at the AGM to provide the link between the co-owners and the complex manager.

The complex manager’s financial management duties notably include the drawing up a provisional budget for the complex, keeping the complex’s books and managing its bank account.

Their main administrative management duties are to draw up the complex’s regulations, take out third party risk insurance, manage the building, ensure that it is maintained in good order and, in urgent cases, to have necessary work carried out. They also organise general meetings, keep all concerned parties informed of the decisions taken and to ensure they are carried out.


A co-ownership complex manager, how?

In a new co-ownership complex, a provisional complex manager is appointed by MGM. Their job is to draw up a list of co-owners, showing their units and civil status and to call the first general meeting to elect a management committee and appoint a complex manager, which must be done by absolute majority. This is the opportunity to retain the provisional complex manager or to appoint another.

The duration of their appointment is fixed by vote and may not exceed 3 years. The appointment is renewable and may also be curtailed at any time.



Bon à savoir   

Good to know:

Any co-owner may propose a candidate for the role of complex manager for inclusion on the agenda. This may be a professional or a non-professional chosen from amongst the co-owners. If no complex manager is appointed at the AGM called for that purpose, application must be made to the court to appoint one.

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Because, while as a constructor, we make every effort to design buildings which are as pleasant to live in as they are to share, it is the complex manager who, through their expert administrative management, creates the conditions for a successful cohabitation. Similarly, while we make it a point of honour to build high-end complexes using high quality materials and fixtures and fittings, it is the complex manager who ensures their durability and the capital growth of your investment by ensuring the  regular maintenance of the building. The appointment of a provisional manager is not, therefore, a trivial, haphazard choice. Over 50 years, we have built lasting partnerships with complex managers who share our sense of excellence. Accordingly, they have our full confidence.




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